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Batgirl #1

Batgirl #1


FIRST PRINTING (indicia will not have a printing notice). In the midst of "No Man's Land," Batman gave a nameless girl with a violent past the costume and title of Batgirl. Exceeding his expectations, the new, silent Batgirl quickly made the role her own, earning the trust of the Dark Knight's closest allies, including the first Batgirl, Oracle. Now, in the streets of the reborn Gotham City, the new heroine faces her greatest challenges yet in the BATGIRL ongoing series. Written by Kelley Puckett (LEGENDS OF THE DC UNIVERSE, BATMAN: BATGIRL #1) and former Batman editor Scott Peterson (BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES), with dazzling art and covers by "No Man's Land" contributors Damion Scott and Robert Campanella, BATGIRL finds the teen struggling to learn the lessons of how to live a normal life, lessons she never learned from her mentor, the deadly assassin known as Cain. Already a super-hero, her real test will come as she tries to learn to be a regular seventeen-year-old...with Batman as her teacher. In the history-making BATGIRL #1, a mysterious figure arrives in Gotham, one who shares some history with the unique heroine. Having killed once before, Batgirl has sworn off killing, but this stranger ? a mercenary she injured terribly during her time as an assassin-in-training ? hasn't made any such oath. Can Batgirl stop his quest for revenge without taking his life? The new Batgirl also takes center stage in the lead story of February's BATMAN: GOTHAM CITY Secret Files #1, a Special exploring the newly reborn streets of Gotham City in the aftermath of "No Man's Land." This project is supported with a 4-color poster and header card (included in January's post-"No Man's Land" Batman packout); house and trade ads; and a co- op ad slick. BATMAN: GOTHAM CITY Secret Files #1 is a 64-page issue co-edited by Maureen McTigue and Tony Bedard. It arrives in comic-book stores February 2 with a cover price of $4.95 U.S. BATGIRL is an ongoing series edited by Dennis O'Neil. Issue #1 arrives in comic-book stores February 2 with a cover price of $2.50 U.S." Cover price $2.50.

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