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The Darkness Adaptation Plans In The Works

Marc Silvestri, the creator of The Darkness comic books, reveals that adaptation plans are in the works just a few years after relaunching the brand. The Top Cow Productions series centers on Jackie Estacado, a hitman for the Franchetti mob who struggled with being a womanizer and with his murderous tendencies before discovering he was taken in by the mob to take advantage of his developing dark abilities. It was created by Silvestri, Preacher and The Boys creator Garth Ennis and David Wohl. Jackie would have to flee from the mob, the Angelus, the Darkness' equivalent, and an evil cult after he first manifested at age 21.

Jackie, who made her comic book debut in Image Comics' Witchblade, has been the protagonist of The Darkness since 1998. The series even had a 2019 relaunch with Cyberforce's Matt Hawkins taking on the roles of writer and artist Tom Grindberg, who is best known for penciling and inking Marvel's Doom comic book adaptation. The Chronicles of Riddick and Payday 2 creator Starbreeze Studios would eventually turn The Darkness into two video games, both of which received largely positive reviews from critics and players. A Darkness movie adaptation has been attempted numerous times over the years, and it appears like progress may be being made once more.

In a recent interview with, Marc Silvestri was questioned about the possibility of the Darkness series being adapted. The comic book author acknowledged that talks were taking place but was unable to provide further details. Below is what Silvestri revealed:

I have nothing to say. Look, it seems like you always have something going on from what we can see. We have something, I can say that much. However, I'm at a loss for words beyond that. But I can guarantee that if that prospective development materializes, it will be unbelievably badass.

A number of attempts were attempted to adapt The Darkness prior to the release of the first game, with Dimension Films purchasing the rights in 2004 before later selling them to the Pang Brothers, who directed The Eye, a project that would afterwards languish in development hell. Len Wiseman, best known for co-creating the Underworld franchise, had a producing deal at one point as well, but it appears to have fallen through after a decade of silence. It's unknown whether Silvestri plans to adapt his comic book into a live-action movie, an animated series, or additional video games given that he has remained fairly silent on The Darkness adaptation.

Those who liked the video game adaptations might be hoping for a third game after The Darkness II's memorable cliffhanger ending, in which Jackie was abandoned in Hell by her old flame Jenny, who later served as the host for the Angelus. It will be fascinating to see if Silvestri sought to bring The Darkness to other mediums as opposed to putting all of his adaptation eggs in one basket after seeing how similarly grim comic books Spawn and Keanu Reeves' BRZRKR got a variety of adaptations on movie. Those who are invested in the property might at least feel more secure knowing that the comic book creator is motivated to get it right since he is invested in seeing a fresh adaptation through to completion.

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