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7 Genius Comic Characters Who Are Not Tony Stark

Tony Stark is one of the most brilliant characters in comic books, but numerous other heroes give him a run for his money. Iron Man has long been one of Marvel's most well-known superheroes, but his popularity exploded as the MCU's cornerstone.

Nowadays, the genius, millionaire, playboy, and philanthropist is one of the most admired heroes of all time, noted for his big ego and even larger intellect.

Iron Man is, without a doubt, one of the most cerebral characters in any comic book, but he isn't the only one. Many other superheroes are equally as brilliant as him, and a couple even outperform him in the intelligence category, so it isn't lonely at the top in this situation.

1. Ray Palmer | Atom

The Atom was one of the earliest and finest characters to appear in comic books during the Silver Age. His popularity waned over time, although he never strayed too far from DC's core storyline.

Palmer is an exceptional scientist and innovator. He, like Iron Man, wears a suit of his design that enables him to shrink down to a subatomic level by using the leftovers of a white-dwarf star that he modified into a belt.

Palmer also found the Microverse and spent a significant amount of time mapping and researching it. Ray is sometimes overlooked by fans, yet even they cannot dispute his intelligence.

2. Hank McCoy | Beast

Dr. Hank McCoy's codename, Beast, may be the most well-known. Beast, as a founding member of the X-Men, played pivotal parts in several of the team's most critical and well-known stories.

He is also the X-resident Men's doctor and a science and mathematics teacher at Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters.

Beast is well-known for his exquisite taste in music and art, which rivals that of Xavier.

He doesn't regularly meet paths with Tony Stark, but the two have a lot in common, including a sardonic and witty sense of humor.

Beast is also a genetics expert, and many Marvel heroes seek his advice on the subject.

3. Michael Holt | Mister Terrific

Michael Holt, the second character to take on the Mister Terrific moniker, established himself as one of the DC universe's finest thinkers from the start.

Since boyhood, he has studied and devoured the writings of geniuses such as Einstein and Feynman, and he has earned a staggering fourteen PhDs.

Michael views himself as "having a natural knack for natural aptitudes," which would make Tony Stark envy.

He possesses an eidetic recall and is a polyglot, to the point of dominating some foreign languages. According to most legends, he is the third-smartest man on the planet, after only Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne.

4. Bruce Banner | Hulk

Although the Marvel world is full of brilliant characters, Bruce Banner stands out. True, many bad things have occurred to Bruce and Hulk, his violent identity, throughout the years, but his genius may compensate.

Although Bruce's specialty is gamma radiation, he also has an extensive understanding of biology, engineering, medicine, physiology, and nuclear physics.

Bruce's intellect is so acute that it dwarfs the minds of numerous other geniuses. Norman Osborn, one of the Marvel universe's greatest thinkers, allegedly stated Banner was the fourth most intellectual person on the planet. That's the type of support that money can't buy.

5. Reed Richards | Mr. Fantastic

Reed Richards, perhaps the brightest character in the Marvel world, serves as the standard against which all other geniuses are compared. Reed is the Fantastic Four's leader, frequently behaving more like a father figure, reinforcing the team's position as Marvel's first family.

Reed is a genius with an unrivaled understanding of electrical, space, and mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry, medicine, and biology. Many Marvel characters admire and look up to him, especially Tony Stark; in fact, Reed is one of the few persons Tony regards as equal.

6. Brainiac 5

Brainiac 5 is one of the Legion of Super-Heroes' most well-known and senior members. Brainiac 5, traditionally shown as a teenager or young adult, with a twelve-level intelligence; by contrast, Earth's cognition level in the twenty-first century is six.

Brainiac 5 also possesses a phenomenal memory, enabling him to recall events from several timelines.

Brainiac, like Tony Stark, is often the team's innovator. While the Avengers may thank Tony for their many technologies and devices, the Legion can thank Brainiac 5.

He is much less boastful than Tony, although their cognitive levels are comparable, with Brainiac 5 having a little advantage.

7. Bruce Wayne | Batman

And, of course, the Dark Knight is one of the most brilliant brains in the DC universe. Any character understands that The World's Greatest Detective is likely to have a brilliant mind. Indeed, Batman can unravel the most enigmatic puzzles, validating his reputation as a skilled investigator.

Bruce has a canon IQ of 192, whereas Tony Stark has an IQ of 186.

As previously said, most accounts place him as the second smartest person on the planet. Bruce spent his childhood learning, mastering several disciplines, and improving both his intellect and physique.

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